Botanical Society of Lower Merion

The Botanical Society of Lower Merion
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2016 Plan

Maintain planting beds and mulch around trees 
Continue disease treatment of ash, beech and elm trees, fertilize high value trees   

Plant more natives in both forest and lawn area

Control invasives, continue restoration of native forest fragment 

Control poison ivy working with Township

Provide fact sheet and activities for visitors  
Maintain botanical signs, install new ones as needed

​Work on additional projects as time and funds allow

2015 Accomplishments

Park maintenance, improvements

Weeded, mulched, pruned during 5 volunteer days, over 760 hours
Treated 3 beeches, 2 elms, 1 hemlock and 10 ash trees for diseases
Planted 24 trees, 26 shrubs and 708 perennials see Photo Album
Started removing invasive plants in forest


Completed inventory, identified almost 200 different species and cultivars
Labeled 255 trees and shrubs
Held pruning workshop
Updated Leaflet, our educational booklet monthly
Provided fairy hunt and other self guided activities

Fundraising and PR

Won Township’s “Go for the Green” Award
Received $5,000 from the Merion Foundation towards forest restoration
​Raised $1800 flower bulb sale fundraiser