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The Botanical Society of Lower Merion
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2020 Goals

Maintain planting beds and mulch around trees. 

Remove all Ailanthus Altissima (Trees of Heaven) from the Park and continue Spotted Lanternfly control
Continue disease treatment of ash, beech and elm trees, fertilize high value trees.   

Plant more natives in both forest and lawn area.

Control invasives, continue restoration of native forest fragment. 

Control poison ivy working with township.

Maintain botanical signs, install new ones as needed.

​Work on additional projects as time and funds allow

2019 Accomplishments
Park Improvements:

Continued the forest restoration: removed additional non-native trees, shrubs and vines.

Planted native species, watered, weeded restoration area and installed tree protection guards to prevent rabbit and deer damage. 

Maintenance and Education:

Held six volunteer days with Lower Merion High School's buildOn club.

Weeded azalea beds and spread pine needles to foster their health. 

Taught volunteers of Lower Merion High School’s buildOn club and the neighborhood about native plants and gardening techniques. 

Continued to work with the Township to mitigate the Spotted Lanternfly invasion. 
Worked with the township on poison ivy control.

Township has repaired walking path after it has been severely damaged due to this year's storms.

Paid Services:

Obtained tree care to preserve our most valued trees, including pruning, fertilizing and disease treatment.

Hired service for summer maintenance for the natural area and other parts of the park.