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At Civic Cir. & Merion Rd. corner in May 2014. It provides color from April until October. Includes milkweeds, butterfly weeds, and other native perennials that are hosts or nectar sources for pollinators. Plants are cut back in spring, so birds can enjoy the seeds and hiding places all winter long. 
Invasive plants used to cover the area near the lower stepping stones before May 2015. Invasives are under control, although complete elimination will take a few more years. Selected aggressive native plants for the challenge. Monarchs were munching on our milkweeds just a few months after planting. They were happy, we were happy!
Replaced azaleas near the bridge with plants that tolerate wet conditions. Winterberries, redtwig dogwoods and the evergreen Golden ragwort provide winter interest.  Wet meadow perennial add color throughout the growing season and support pollinators.
Some of the 16 fairy houses you could find by solving our riddles. Trolls damaged some of the houses by now. Luckily, fairies are tough and harder to scare away than you'd think. Let's have some fun with them next spring again.